Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Car Care

My car bears an eternal dent on both sides of it; visible ones. One on the front left door and other on the right back door near to the tail lamp. I have been living with it for the past 2 years or so. Neither do I find the necessity to repair it nor do I have the means. Now that I am away from my car and because it lies untouched for months together, I take my car whenever I am at my home town to all social gatherings. Being the introvert I am, I find my ‘handicapped’ car a good ice-breaker. People measure me up with the physical status of this car and ask what happened. Then I would start off with a story which has been repeated like a million times.

Some people offer me suggestions about I should get it changed immediately and that they know this friend’s friend who knows a mechanic’s uncle and suggest me to take my car to the workshop to get it right. I politely nod along. When this suggestion and advice goes beyond a point I would say, I have no problem in driving my car in this condition, If somebody has a problem, that is not my problem, and let them better live with it.

I don’t know why people are so obsessed with the external appearance of their cars. As far as I am concerned, I need a car to commute when it is raining. Ofcourse now I have  put my car to better use. It serves as a goods carrier – transporting coconuts, jackfruits and other stuffs from our (say) farm to home. I would readily offer my car to anyone who would want to fine tune their driving skills, although they might feel shy to drive around.

Well, I might give my car a facelift – but somehow I presume few more bruises are on the way and I would address them all together. Three main reasons for my not maintaining my car properly: one, I don’t get enough time spent at my native, where my car rests; two, I don’t have enough money to get it done; and more importantly three, I don’t care.