Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Five Six Nine Four Nine

That’s not my phone number

That’s not my annual income

Neither is that my email password

I’ll tell you what it is; read on

When the onion prices are sky rocketing and my vegetable monger says he does not give me a set of sambar vegetable for Rs 20, but may be for Rs 40 (the new minimum)

When we pay through our nose for those brinjals and ladies fingers and chillies and ginger

When there is no more money left to buy that promised candy for the kid after a visit to the local vegetable market

we don’t realize that the money we spent is not reaching the right pockets.

What else can justify the title figure? 2,56,949

Does adding one more to this figure make any difference? Not much.
But adding one more to this figure makes a difference to an entire family.
A huge difference.

Whoever discovered the use of exclamation mark should have had cardiac arrest by the number of its usage.

2,56,949 farmer suicide. India Shining.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Hate To-Do Lists

True. I hate. I work for a big corporate, but I hate to maintain a To-Do List. I’ve attended numerous workshops which speak about the importance of maintaining a To-Do list. Most of my managers used to do that, and expect their team members to follow that practice as well. I am not blaming any one who maintains and follows such a list. It’s a personal choice, and I respect that decision of yours to follow your heart. But I’ve seen people (mainly those motivation speakers) give over importance to the To-Do list.

I feel claustrophobic in maintaining a To-Do list. I feel suffocated.

I feel some one is making me do something at gunpoint.

I prefer in following my heart to do what I want to do and when I want to do. I do keep occasional reminders to make a phone call or to meet some one, but most of the time I remember those things even before my mobile reminds me. Sometimes I don’t do things even if I know it needs to be done, just because I don’t feel like doing it then. For the same reason I am not able to make regular blog posts. I have also seen people promising to make one post every day. Some follow, some doesn’t. A promise made to self or to others is to be abided. The easy way out? Don’t make promises – to self or others.

A To-Do list is a self promise.

Following a To-Do list makes life so very mechanical and predictable. At the end of the day, our life seem like a big excel sheet after an audit, with those funny coloured rows and columns. I was supposed to do this, have I done this? What made me not do it? When else am I planning to do it? Aaargh! Give me a break.

I didn’t do it, because I didn’t feel like doing it. Period. Why digging more?

There are people who fail terribly even after maintaining and following a To-Do list, and there are people who do the right thing at the right time mainly because they don’t maintain a To-Do list. I strive to be the latter one.

Let life be enigmatic.

Touchwood : I have never missed a train because I did not maintain a To-Do list.