Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two Five Six Nine Four Nine

That’s not my phone number

That’s not my annual income

Neither is that my email password

I’ll tell you what it is; read on

When the onion prices are sky rocketing and my vegetable monger says he does not give me a set of sambar vegetable for Rs 20, but may be for Rs 40 (the new minimum)

When we pay through our nose for those brinjals and ladies fingers and chillies and ginger

When there is no more money left to buy that promised candy for the kid after a visit to the local vegetable market

we don’t realize that the money we spent is not reaching the right pockets.

What else can justify the title figure? 2,56,949

Does adding one more to this figure make any difference? Not much.
But adding one more to this figure makes a difference to an entire family.
A huge difference.

Whoever discovered the use of exclamation mark should have had cardiac arrest by the number of its usage.

2,56,949 farmer suicide. India Shining.


Balachandran V said...

Left me numb with pain. Though I know the related issues quite well, the way you wrote it gave me a jab in the belly...

sreejith thampi said...

Thank you for the comment