Sunday, May 17, 2009

Problem in writing a blog is when you start typing a post about some topic, some other topics, ideas and descriptions rush in to your mind, and jumbles up the whole thinking.
Many a time you write in the whole thought, and when you finally read it it like “ Raju went to the fish market to watch Diljale and met Ajay Devgun in the next seat on the bus to Guwahati with Michael Jordan who was in the Deccan Chargers team, which swept the Andra Prdesh Elections” brr..

Sometimes I feel, the grestest challenge for novelists is not the creativity part, but the urge to resisit any side-thougts associated and to consciously avoid them. My admiration for novelists has grown lot further since I started to maintain this blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fan of Rally Fan

I’ve got this really old Rallyfan on my table. I’ve known it ever since I remember. Its older than me !. It amazes me how some older things are made of superb quality, that it works for decades.

On a side note : When I tired googling for Rally fans, it gave lots of sites, videos, pics of...Rally Fans. No, not the table fan, but the actual fans of Rallies [ car and bike].

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Motivating HR

HR is becoming critical more in recent times like never before, specifically in the IT industry. When there is downsizing, forced resignations and forced transfers, employees are obviously upset and scared. It’s a real challenge for HR to pep-up the whole situation and deal diplomatically. People come up with different ideas to increase the motivation level and productivity. Obviously there can be no raise in salary, and hence HRs are busy searching ways of boosting the employee spirit with some cashless celebration.
Lemme tell the HR heads of various organizations : When you think of ways of motivating employees, do you think of HR team as such? Because to motivate the employees, the motivator needs to be fist motivated. Are you taking care of that part? No HR Executive can device ways to motivate employees when she herself fears that tomorrow she will lose the job. So dear HR heads, please spent time with your team first, address their problems may be one to one, and then ask them to do a large scale motivation plan. That would definitely work.

Happy motivating :)

I did it

I voted today !!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Food Fooder Foodest

Highway on my plate (HOMP) on NDTV Good Times is a good programme. I love watching it.
Although they focus mainly on the food and eating habits, we get to know the culture at large at each of the places they travel.

Rocky and Mayur does a good job, in making the entire programmme a relaxed and comical one. Their effort in breaking the ice with often-so-tight-fisted and pursed-lips kind of restaurant owners are commendable. They do it with so ease and finesse.

Do watch..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Electronic Voting Machine Version 2.0

I just watched a TV programme called “Election Bus” in one of the news channels. Apparently the bus takes the TV crew across India to meet the voters and collect information.

One question which the interviewer asked the voters was “Tho aap kisko vote denge?” (Who will you vote for?).

How can some one ask such a question in the first place. If people answered this question, where is the confidentiality part, why should then they go to the booths to cast their vote. If someone had asked me the same question, I would have very well shown my middle finger and said ‘get lost’..hmm so much for publicity. Yuck.
Thats the modieired Electronic Voting Machine aka The Idiot Box

Another thought : How about the election commission arranging such a bus, and made to travel Pan-India? ..with a strong convoy? The busses will be made to pass through each of the states, and people can assemble to cast their votes in the machines kept in the bus, and the information can be transferred to a central server via satellite.

Wild thought, but well, I can always think.
Long way to go…

Time machine

Why doesnt the time of publishing the post being shown my local time?

Is there any way to make the timings my local time?

Help please..

I'm appraised

Had my performance appraisal session. Well, I’m doing a good job, but I have to market myself or brand myself it seems. I never believed in boasting. This is opposite to what Krishna says to Arjuna in Bhagavat Geetha “Do your duty, and not focus on the result”..Hmm… why don’t managers take some time to analyze their team mate’s performance?

Poor managers.. they’ve got a lotta things to do for themselves, and well yes boasting or marketing will be of help to them in making decisions during the time of appraisal.. two view points.

All said and done, I like my manager. He is very friendly and open. He was frank in giving me feedback. I guess there are few blind areas (as in the Johari window) for me to improve.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

off to Nagercoil

My friend is getting married today. We’ve been pretty close and spent about 16 years of our education together. Did all sort of non-sense together, and later chose different careers. Gotta go to Nagercoil to see him blush ;-)

I prefer train to bus. Its cheap, and less tiresome. I would not end up at Nagercoil as if I were just out of an oven. Havent tried the passenger train to Nagercoil, but then given that its vacation time, there would not be school goers anyways. Lemme check out.. and its real cheap. It hardly costs Rs 5, for a 25+ km journey !
Lalu zindabad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

..and again

Yes, I know I started on of these blogs few years back, just out of sheer curiosity, and to see if my writing would be passing through some of those underground cables and satellites.
It sure did, but very soon I joined the 'all-thrilled-but-died-out-soon' club, when I no longer updated my blog.
Whats worst, I even forgot my Log In Id and password to my GMail account..sheesh.
Well, frankly I am not sure I I will be updatign this often either, but somewhere I can hear this whisper that it would be a good feeling to read what you experienced and you thought process when you were such and such old and at such and such place and such and such position in your career.
hmm... lets see.
call me trynousorian [ well, I coined the word, I guess ;-) ], I dont have a internet connection at my home, but yes I do have one at my parents home. and so here I am at my good ol' comp typing this for me [ and you]

Lemme see, how long and far can I kick this ball.

thanks for reading, and see you soon