Sunday, May 17, 2009

Problem in writing a blog is when you start typing a post about some topic, some other topics, ideas and descriptions rush in to your mind, and jumbles up the whole thinking.
Many a time you write in the whole thought, and when you finally read it it like “ Raju went to the fish market to watch Diljale and met Ajay Devgun in the next seat on the bus to Guwahati with Michael Jordan who was in the Deccan Chargers team, which swept the Andra Prdesh Elections” brr..

Sometimes I feel, the grestest challenge for novelists is not the creativity part, but the urge to resisit any side-thougts associated and to consciously avoid them. My admiration for novelists has grown lot further since I started to maintain this blog.


PNet Administrator said...

I agree totally. Once you decide on the topic that you want to blog on, stay focused. Though multiple thoughts and ideas crop up into your main can clean it up when you do a final review before publishing.

Balachandran V said...

Oh, the fun is in clearing the cobwebs and pushing ahead single-minded. Every side thought can be material for other posts! Loved it!