Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Motivating HR

HR is becoming critical more in recent times like never before, specifically in the IT industry. When there is downsizing, forced resignations and forced transfers, employees are obviously upset and scared. It’s a real challenge for HR to pep-up the whole situation and deal diplomatically. People come up with different ideas to increase the motivation level and productivity. Obviously there can be no raise in salary, and hence HRs are busy searching ways of boosting the employee spirit with some cashless celebration.
Lemme tell the HR heads of various organizations : When you think of ways of motivating employees, do you think of HR team as such? Because to motivate the employees, the motivator needs to be fist motivated. Are you taking care of that part? No HR Executive can device ways to motivate employees when she herself fears that tomorrow she will lose the job. So dear HR heads, please spent time with your team first, address their problems may be one to one, and then ask them to do a large scale motivation plan. That would definitely work.

Happy motivating :)

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