Wednesday, May 6, 2009

..and again

Yes, I know I started on of these blogs few years back, just out of sheer curiosity, and to see if my writing would be passing through some of those underground cables and satellites.
It sure did, but very soon I joined the 'all-thrilled-but-died-out-soon' club, when I no longer updated my blog.
Whats worst, I even forgot my Log In Id and password to my GMail account..sheesh.
Well, frankly I am not sure I I will be updatign this often either, but somewhere I can hear this whisper that it would be a good feeling to read what you experienced and you thought process when you were such and such old and at such and such place and such and such position in your career.
hmm... lets see.
call me trynousorian [ well, I coined the word, I guess ;-) ], I dont have a internet connection at my home, but yes I do have one at my parents home. and so here I am at my good ol' comp typing this for me [ and you]

Lemme see, how long and far can I kick this ball.

thanks for reading, and see you soon

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