Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Electronic Voting Machine Version 2.0

I just watched a TV programme called “Election Bus” in one of the news channels. Apparently the bus takes the TV crew across India to meet the voters and collect information.

One question which the interviewer asked the voters was “Tho aap kisko vote denge?” (Who will you vote for?).

How can some one ask such a question in the first place. If people answered this question, where is the confidentiality part, why should then they go to the booths to cast their vote. If someone had asked me the same question, I would have very well shown my middle finger and said ‘get lost’..hmm so much for publicity. Yuck.
Thats the modieired Electronic Voting Machine aka The Idiot Box

Another thought : How about the election commission arranging such a bus, and made to travel Pan-India? ..with a strong convoy? The busses will be made to pass through each of the states, and people can assemble to cast their votes in the machines kept in the bus, and the information can be transferred to a central server via satellite.

Wild thought, but well, I can always think.
Long way to go…

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