Sunday, August 28, 2011

When Diagram?

Balanji asked me "Long time no see". Well yeah, it is indeed long time since I opened my own blog.

Few changes happened. I was in a corporate. I wanted to do a PhD, so to prepare for that I abandoned the big Hairy Corporate World and moved into academics for last 3-4 months and boy! did I enjoy!. It was so very cool. It was a well known Business School in Kerala.

Cutting things short, I am now dong my PhD at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.Scholarship yes, but I'm living in austerity. Have a EMI to pay, have lots of things to take care, but then I realize if I miss this opportunity, the opportunity will show its bare-bottom to me and make faces the next time I look for it. I am already feeling old when placed among  my younger classmates. The campus is excellent, the canopy and the little benches to rest. This is one place where I am not made fun of when I go to the library and stay there for the entire day. A typical small talk in the campus is something like this
Person 1 : " Hey you. How you doing?"
Person 2: "Oh Hello.. all fine but still not able to get closer on to that"
Person 1 : "Oh is it? Were you able to get upto the 43rd equation, which says delta t minus e to the power square of xt"?
Person 2: "That was done long back, I am now stuck at the one at page number 822. the one which says the differential equation of sum of all t and gamma divided y epsilon theta..."

You get the picture.

I am now taking a course on Probability and Statistics, and I have so far learned what it feels like to be in a class of Russian, Zulu and Hebrew combined.
I now realize the importance of Venn Diagram. But by the time I make up my mind to understand a stated Venn diagram, the professor says "When Diagram?"