Sunday, August 28, 2011

When Diagram?

Balanji asked me "Long time no see". Well yeah, it is indeed long time since I opened my own blog.

Few changes happened. I was in a corporate. I wanted to do a PhD, so to prepare for that I abandoned the big Hairy Corporate World and moved into academics for last 3-4 months and boy! did I enjoy!. It was so very cool. It was a well known Business School in Kerala.

Cutting things short, I am now dong my PhD at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.Scholarship yes, but I'm living in austerity. Have a EMI to pay, have lots of things to take care, but then I realize if I miss this opportunity, the opportunity will show its bare-bottom to me and make faces the next time I look for it. I am already feeling old when placed among  my younger classmates. The campus is excellent, the canopy and the little benches to rest. This is one place where I am not made fun of when I go to the library and stay there for the entire day. A typical small talk in the campus is something like this
Person 1 : " Hey you. How you doing?"
Person 2: "Oh Hello.. all fine but still not able to get closer on to that"
Person 1 : "Oh is it? Were you able to get upto the 43rd equation, which says delta t minus e to the power square of xt"?
Person 2: "That was done long back, I am now stuck at the one at page number 822. the one which says the differential equation of sum of all t and gamma divided y epsilon theta..."

You get the picture.

I am now taking a course on Probability and Statistics, and I have so far learned what it feels like to be in a class of Russian, Zulu and Hebrew combined.
I now realize the importance of Venn Diagram. But by the time I make up my mind to understand a stated Venn diagram, the professor says "When Diagram?"



Balachandran V said...

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we were afraid to have , and the decisions we waited too long to make.”

In the blog of a friend, the above lines are given at its top. I told him that the lines summed up my life. He replied - 'mine too'.

Both of us are in our mid-50s. If the above lines summed up our lives - there is a lot left unsaid, uh? You are young; grab every opportunity to - live. PhD is a choice you will not regret, but a vacuum will always be there, urging you to fulfill...

sreejith thampi said...

Very true. In my these many years I regret of not having done so many things. PhD from a good institute was always one of my dreams, and despite all those poverty and sacrifice I am doing it. When I reach your age, may be I'll look back and smile at myself and pat me on my back for having gone ahead with this decision. Thank you so much.

Kumar said...

Nice decision and a nice place to do Sree! You should ask your younger mates what is stha...., so they will coming asking you what is stha???. Have fun, do things you missd and dreamt of doing. All the best.

Sreejith Thampi said...

Thanks SS.

Will try the 'stha' stuff, and drive them crazy