Monday, February 27, 2012

500 days left!


Imagine a world when the entire human male species are about to be wiped out by some strange phenomenon. The event would happen in another 500 days.

All the babies being born in the world are females.
All the males are slowly dying. Death for a male in 500 days is for sure. While the females die as it was earlier.


There is no time left for a drug to be researched and developed to sustain the life of males. Nevertheless the R&D process has commenced. The Olympics will not have gents events any longer and hence the Olympic Council has decided to conduct olympics every quarter. So is the case with all other sports events.


Gentlemen rush to write their wills and party every all night.
Resentments with the neighbours are sorted out.
All goodbyes are replaced with "C ya up there"


Females have begun underground meetings, rewriting the constitution, redrawing the geographies, drafting the laws and electing leaders.


Imagine the only place which would thrive in business.
Imagine the only place which would make millions.
Imagine the only place which would be THE sought after place in the next 500 days.

Beauty Saloons?


The Sperm Bank!

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