Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In a few seconds

They say when one dies, the person could see the moments of their life as if in a filmstrip; in a few seconds, their entire life being unrolled.

I experienced that. But the reverse. Not the past events, the future events.

Events which would happen in the future neatly unfurled inside my mind while I sat with my closed eyes, in front of the labour room. Inside the labour room was my wife delivering our second child. I could see a little girl in some school uniform, playing splashing water around, hanging out with friends, getting a deserving job, getting married, occasionally visiting us.. and that’s when the nurse came out holding a new born baby and called out my wife’s name. We rushed to the nurse who said it was a girl child! How did I know.  Ofcourse there are only two possibilities, but still how in the last minute (or is it the first few minutes) I could dream so vividly about the life of my (yet unborn) daughter. The journey from the dark chamber of womb to bright spacious world was so momentous to me and to my daughter and ofcourse for my wife.

Welcome to the world, little one.