Friday, December 20, 2013

Helmet, forever

Is there an expiry date for a helmet? Unless it is broken?

My helmet is about 12 years old and still running. It has helped me during couple of incidents - minor though. There are few bruises on it, which I can live with. But otherwise as long as it fits my head, and serves the purpose, is there an expiry date for these stuffs? Or is it a life time product?

Just wondering if I am legally bound to update my helmet.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stupid decisions. Really?

We take decisions on a daily basis. Small or big. Decisions have short term effects as well as long term implications. My professor used to explain there are three types of decisions - right decision, wrong decision and stupid decision. But often we wonder why did we decide so, or if only we decided differently the implications would have been better (or worse). It is not uncommon for a person to repent on his decisions.

Biologically, the electrical impulses which sometimes manipulate the brain are caused by over secretion of certain hormones. This explains the mob psychology and most unplanned criminal activity. Otherwise poor decisions are taken due to lack of sufficient information or under the pressure of time.

I think decisions are spatiotemporally influenced. No decisions are wrong at that particular space and time. Provided enough information is available, all decisions taken are right decisions. Later when the space and time differs these decisions appear stupid. Wise people accept that as a  stupid decisions and move on; but psychologically blind / myopic fellows (say, fanatics) just follow them.

So next time when you make fun of stupid decisions made by others (or by you) remember, those were right decisions, when those decisions were taken. Grow up, accommodate and do what is best for you in the present.

Rich and poor

I practice suryanamaskaram, some yoga, pranayamaam and dhyanam these days - for the last 2-3 months. Thanks to our institute which organized a yoga class, and thanks to Sri Sekaran who was my yoga teacher. 

I can actually feel the difference. I have learnt to accept what comes my way, and face it. I feel more resistant to otherwise frequent headaches and common cold. Slow but steady.

I am getting more spiritual. No, let me reword that - logically spiritual. Not blind belief, but actual logical explanations to the physical, chemical, biological and psychological facts. I love superstition bashing That is exactly what I listen to these days. I got rich spiritually.

I am also learning to be a minimalist. Courtesy : Leo @ Zen Habits. I love his principle of 'Earn less, consume less'. I got poorer materialistically.

Second  part of 2013 was good to me.... and so would be the rest of my life.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Loney tunes

I am a loner. I don't believe in teamwork that is, when I am in any team. I have read and heard a lot about synergy and that how 2+2 makes more than 4. But for me teamwork means 'Dynergy' (antonym of synergy; no, don't look up for the word yet, I just coined it, ha!). I don't do my best when I work in a team. Has somebody researched this phenomenon?. I am the architect and the critic of my work. If I make any changes based on input from anyone else, it is only a means to avoid the person.

Don't get me wrong. I am not against teamwork. Team work, does wonders, I know. Just that I am not designed for a team work.

So don't hire me to be a person in a team. I won't really work.

Weird. But that's me

I hate to have one-to-one conversations with anyone other than very close acquaintances. My hands tremble when I receive a phone call from an unknown number or when someone says 'I need to talk to you'. I don't know what to say after I say 'Hello' to anyone - be it the one who I just met or the one who I have been working with for the last few years. My mind wanders into wild during these conversations and can hardly listen to what they speak. I somehow want to finish this conversation, and in the process I agree to a lot of things which they suggest. I have run into trouble many a time when I couldn't think before I respond. I presume, I am easy to be manipulated over phone.

Surprise! But I am entirely different when it comes to public speaking - be it compering, or a presentation or just a talk to an audience. I usually do really well, and am very good at handling queries in such a public forum. I have received appreciation after almost all my presentations. During the presentation I have answers to all the queries. But if there is a post presentation one-to-one conversation with people, then I tremble.

No idea why this happens.

I am a specimen. You bet.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I forgive you

I had a presentation yesterday. I had invested a lot of time in preparing for it, arranging my slides so that information is passed on in a sequential manner. But as soon as I was in my third slide, people started pouncing on me. My repeated efforts of explaining things and clearing the perspectives  were not listened to. This drifted the entire flow of the presentation, and I got into a defensive mode.

I felt bad. But I got to my feet again and did what I could do my best in convincing atleast some of the audience, who didn't yet have preconceived notions.

Why do people get prejudiced and why do people thing that one word can possibly explain only one meaning? What ever happened to the listening skills? sigh!

I forgive

I love bookmarks

What are you reading currently. I dont have an answer. I mean, I do, but I dont have ONE answer. Because I read a lot of books at a time. I take a really long time to read a book, irrespective of the number of pages. And , I like to read more than two books at a time, parallelly. I belive there is a virginity in books and I like to slowly enjoy these different virginities. I am a slow reader may be because I enjoy the pleasure of reading a book for the first time, and I would like to prolong it. I have met people who says they cant wait to know what happens next and keeps turning pages. I on the other hand likes to think more about the sentences and words written by the author, savoring every emotion the words might contain. In some cases, I went back to google some information the authors have briefed in their book, which inturn took me elsewhere. But I feel thrilled when I get back to a book, which I stopped reading for a while and continue reading from where I left. Obviously , I love bookmarks. This is one reason, I do not generally prefer to borrow books from library. They have a fixed return date, which means I have to finish reading by then (or by the maximum permitted extendable date). Many a time I wont finish reading by then. So I buy books. But sorry, I dont like to lend books to random people. I would however love to share my books with people like me, who I am sure will return the book (without their traces left on the pages). 

So what am I reading currently?

Immortals of Meluha (Yeah, I am a fossil)
Dont ask any old bloke for directions
Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Thinking Fast and Slow

.. and I just finished reading The Lowland