Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weird. But that's me

I hate to have one-to-one conversations with anyone other than very close acquaintances. My hands tremble when I receive a phone call from an unknown number or when someone says 'I need to talk to you'. I don't know what to say after I say 'Hello' to anyone - be it the one who I just met or the one who I have been working with for the last few years. My mind wanders into wild during these conversations and can hardly listen to what they speak. I somehow want to finish this conversation, and in the process I agree to a lot of things which they suggest. I have run into trouble many a time when I couldn't think before I respond. I presume, I am easy to be manipulated over phone.

Surprise! But I am entirely different when it comes to public speaking - be it compering, or a presentation or just a talk to an audience. I usually do really well, and am very good at handling queries in such a public forum. I have received appreciation after almost all my presentations. During the presentation I have answers to all the queries. But if there is a post presentation one-to-one conversation with people, then I tremble.

No idea why this happens.

I am a specimen. You bet.

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