Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goal? What Goal?

Almost all the motivational speakers and those management big guns often use this word call ‘Goal’. Personal goal, professional goal, spiritual goal, materialistic goal, blah goal, blah blah goal. Is it really important to have a goal? Is it so that all what education does is to enable a person to define a goal and spend the rest of the life in chasing the goal?

What if the person changes his mind in between and identifies and new goal in an almost opposite direction? Will he have to run back the distance he already covered? Is that what is called unlearning?

And what if the person attains the goal at a certain age? What does he do with the rest of his life? Identify another goal and run behind that? Or should he be setting another goal even before achieving the first goal? What if he has no further goals? Which direction should he move forward?

To begin with why do we need a goal in the first place? Frankly do we all have goals? I mean fixed goals and we wake up everyday devising strategies / tactics in getting closer to that goal, and every night analysing how well the strategy worked in moving towards the goal. Are we becoming a scientific calculator?

What if I don’t have a goal? Do I not have the right to live and enjoy my life? Will I be sidelined and be tagged as an aimless vagabond? Exactly.

Me thinks: we set up goals only to please everyone else other than us, I mean the real us.
We can’t have fixed goals. We will have short term goals the duration of which gets varied from a few seconds to a few years.

So is it important to have a goal? - No.
Can we have multiple goals? - Ofcourse
Can we live without a goal? – Yes
Can we change our goals in between? – Absolutely. Welcome to the club.

It is very easy to ask questions. Don’t believe me?

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's raining beans!

Gone are the days of people making money from getting into a career in Investment Banking armed with their degrees and diplomas from IIMs and ISBs and the ilk.
The in thing is Sports Management.

Do you know how to organize, manage and conduct a popular sports / games event?

Yes? Ta da ! You are a millionaire, next year same time.

Sports Management is a niche area where only highly competent minds can survive. Those people who don’t snore when they listen to CNBC or make paper rockets out of balance sheets are highly encouraged to take up this as their career. No you don’t have to walk in to the fields, you don’t have to know what the dimension of a basketball court is, and you don’t even have to play computer games. Infact a little knowledge of any of those is a disqualification. The only game you need to be good at is bean counting.

Do not wonder if Sports Management finds a prominent place in those fatty Finance Text books, or may be offered as a specialization in the premier B-Schools.

Dear citizens of tomorrow: watch out and keep a track of all sorts of sports and games events happening around the world. What if you missed the CWG, you still have Asian Games, Lot of Athletic Meets, Olympics and a zillion other small tournaments apart from the adopted national game of Cricket. Start building you personal currency chests. Right away !