Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainy days and Indoor Fun

On a rainy day when we were forced to sit indoors, we decided to play anthakshari.

It was my cousin’s turn to sing with ‘Ka’ as the staring letter (It was Malayalam)

He sang in tune with no second thoughts

Karutha penne… karinkuzhalee

And then he forgot what the next word was, and started repeating the earlier lines all the while thinking hard for the next word was so as to complete the line

He went on

Karutha penne… karinkuzhalee

After a pause, he sang with the same tone and with a straight face..


We were stunned.. after a couple of seconds, we were rolling on the floor laughing.

Oh my!

Karutha penne… karinkuzhalee

(Rough translation : O Black beauty, your beloved has laid egg for you !! “)

The same cousin and another rainy day; this time it was not Anthakshari. We decided to play an intelligent game. “Name, Place Thing”, as we called it.

It was like, we select an English alphabet, by lot, and then write down a name, a place , an animal, and a thing (object) beginning with the chosen alphabet as the first letter. We made an inclusion to it, and decided, we will write down a cinema name also. To illustrate: incase the alphabet selected is say B, then we need to write down a name (Benny), a place (Barcelona) a thing (Bat), an animal (Bat) and a cinema (Boeing Boeing) using the letter B. The participants are expected to read out the words they have written, and the catch is the words need to be unique and if any two of them have written a similar word, that gets 5 points, else 10 points.

So we were participating in full swing and the chosen alphabet was ‘H’. We started reading aloud and we were waiting for my cousin to read out his set of words. He read ‘Harikrishnan, Haridwar, Hammer, Human Being and Hente Kaanakuyil’

Needless to say, we bursted out laughing again.

Wondering why? Not because he mentioned ‘Human Being’ to be an animal which was OK, but the movie he meant was ‘Ente kaanakuyil’. He added the special emphasis to suit the ‘H’ and made it ‘Hente kaanakuyil’ !

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