Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pee Pee Post

Something rather funny happened in the morning.

A person approached me while I was walking towards my department, through a small ‘forest’ area and asked, if he could pee there. I was perplexed. I mumbled 'Gothilla' ('I don't know' in Kannada) and went on. I did not turn back  

But then it got me thinking. What is the right answer if someone asks, if he could pee there? Should I say ‘No No’ but then he would ask ‘ where else?” and then I would have no answer, by the time he would have peed in his pants.

I realized that lack of toilets is not only an issue in public places, but also in institutions (which sprawls in acres). Where does the cab guy pee when he waits for his 'passenger'? Where does the delivery guy from the online store or restaurant pee, when he waits for the consignee/customer to pick up the parcel? 

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