Thursday, July 24, 2014

Smiling canines

There are 4 dogs in our department. No, not the professors, but real dogs. They just lazily lie outside and are pretty harmless. 

One morning, when I was walking towards the department I spotted two dogs on the way. I usually avoid these canines, but nevertheless I walked slowly. Suddenly these fellows came running towards me. I was startled for a second, and then I realized that these are the ones at our department. They came jumping about, wagging their tails so fast that it appeared it would fall off. I could even spot a smile on their face, well not a smile, but a big grin of recognition. The accompanied me all the way until I reached our department. They were all the time with me, sometimes ran in front of me, sometimes just besides or behind me. All the time they were jumping around. I felt so happy, although I have never given them anything to eat. 

Now I talk to them about nothing and everything. They just look at me resting their chin on the ground as if they want to nod along, but could not because they are so lazy to life their neck.

But whoa! These fellows made my day.

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