Monday, June 28, 2010

My Key bored

As always while I was whiling away my time at office browsing through odd blogs and websites, suddenly my keyboard stopped functioning. I infact did not have know when it stopped working, until I tried Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V option (obviously trying to copy and paste something from a blog, sorry not plagiarism, just a decode business). Alas!, the keyboard went into a sleep mode and refused to paste the contents into MS Word, blank document.

Well, as any other person, I tried hitting the keys hard, trying various combination keys, typing out asdf etc, but no way. I thought now I have to seek the help of professionals to get it working or may be replace the keyboard. I checked with my colleague, what was the number of the technical support team, which he shared. There goes, I started trying and trying and trying.. No luck. I felt like a housewife making frantic calls to ‘Dial A Song’ programme in Kiran TV.

Armed with my engineering degree, I thought I will check out the issue. I heard from experts that most of the issues with the computer get solved if it is restarted. So I did. I restarted the computer, and it did restart too. But no, the little LED on my keyboard still didn’t glow up. Instead I got a message on my screen that ‘Keyboard not detected, Press F1 to continue’. “Err.. well may be the computer is a super genius and only the F1 key might work”, I thought, and gently pressed the F1. Hell.. nothing happened.

So there again, I started making calls to the help desk, where no one bothered to take my call or all what I got it an engaged tone (which sent shrills down my cochlea). So I decided to go and meet them, salute them and plead for help. I climbed the stairs and went to the floor above mine and met those revered people. There were about four of them, and I wondered why no one bothered to take my call. I did not make a fuss out of it. I politely informed them that my keyboard is not working. One fellow (who turned out to be a helpful chap later) asked what my cubicle number was. Well, does the cubicles have numbers here..while was I feigning to recollect, another guy announced that it was ‘5’. Oh my ! I never knew I was this famous, that people even noticed what my cubicle number was. I wanted to ask if he knew my bank account number as well. But as the person who required help, I thanked him and turned to my savior. He asked me to go back, while he would come to my seat in some time. When I was about to leave, he called me back and asked me to raise a ‘call’ (A call is a service request an employee is supposed to raise to get a problem resolved. It helps in better tracking.). ‘ May be I haven’t really heard what he said’ I thought and asked ‘What?’. He repeated. Well it is my keyboard which is not working, and please beg your pardon dear highness, I will not be able to type out a ‘call’ without my keyboard being functional. He quickly understood my dilemma and said ‘Ok, Ok. Need not raise the call, I will come’. I thanked him and went back to my cubicle number 5.

He came in few minutes as promised carrying a keyboard along, in case my present one needs to be replaced. He did what I did, tried hitting odd keys and pulling the cord etc, and then he read out the instruction which was still on my monitor ‘ Keyboard not detected; press F1 to continue’ He tried hitting it too, as if he has some magical touch and the computer would recognize his touch. But boy, it worked !

It took 9 seconds for me to close my mouth which was wide open in bewilderment and embarrassment and mixed feeling of lot other emotions.

It was a loose contact and he just touched the cable and lo! It worked!!

Do you know any place where I can surrender my engineering degree and get back 4 years of my life?


Balachandran V said...

That was A joke! All the time I was reading it, I kept on asking you in my mind,- did you check your cable for loose contact?' Well, never mind, it happens to the best all the time!

sreejith thampi said...


Thank you. But it was so bad that I felt for a minute that I turn transparent.