Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My two nights with Sofiya

Ok, now that I have grabbed the attention, let me clarify, before your thoughts go wild. Sofiya is the name of the AC VOLVO bus plying from Bangalore to Trivandrum and back. I usually take this bus for my travel because of few reasons. It starts at 6.30 pm, which mean I need not have to apply for a half day leave to catch the bus. They give free water and food and a pillow. The bus pass through Sreekariyam, so that I can get down at Sreekariyam, once I board the bus from Madiwala. They show Mallu movies (comedy, most of the time) and play beautiful songs.
First Night:
This weekend, the movie was Robinhood – although it was not a comedy movie when originally released, it turned out to be a comedy movie. First ROFL event was when Jayasurya appeared as the Asst Police Commissioner. Oh ! It was hilarious. Whenever I see Jayasurya, I can only relate him as a ‘mandabuddhi’ - no offence meant, I feel I can appreciate his acting skills when he does ‘mandabuddhi’ type of roles. For such person the police dress did not suit at all in the first place, and when portrayed as ACP, it was too much to control. I get pissed off when someone uses wrong words or grammar. Twice in the move (the well educated) Prithviraj used the words ‘mediums’ and ‘medias’ – both are wrong. The character of Samvritha Sunil was unnecessary, and the producer could have saved some money eliminating her from the movie. The way the electromagnetic signals transmit from the ATM to the small ‘chiratta’ like dish antenna, placed inside a cab was hilarious. Prithviraj is shown as the Entrance Coaching Centre tutor, but he lives in a posh apartment which in Kochi and by today’s standards do have a minimum monthly rent of Rs 20000. Wonder which is that coaching center which pays him that much.
Ok, now for the most funny part. The ATM did not have camera, until Narein (the detective) comes up with the brilliant idea that placing a camera would be helpful in identifying the robber. Reminds me of the scene in ‘Pattana Pravesam’ where Sreenivasan asks the police if they have a photograph of the person who did the crime, so that it would be easier for them to identify the criminal. Narein played his role well as a detective, but his portrayal of being a ‘vaayunokki’, didn’t suit him. All said and done, I couldn’t help but appreciate Biju Menon’s character in the movie. He was an excellent choice for the character – otherwise usually done by Rizabava or Siddique. Biju Menon looked a tailor made fit for the role and played it very well, with all the proud and pomp it demands. Appreciate the choice and the outcome.
Movie was interrupted at some place when we halted for dinner. The guys in the bus would hand over a Rs 50 food coupon in exchange of which we could have dinner. Now, that is a nice gesture. A guy who was having a ‘Masala Dosa’ along with me was wondering does one masala dosa cost Rs 50. I said ‘No, the coupon is worth Rs 50 and you can have anything as long as it is within Rs 50’. They guy ordered for another plate of Masala Dosa. :)
Somewhere the bus got delayed, blame it on the road condition or occasional drizzle, the bus reached Sreekariyam only at about 8.30 am
Second Night:
Boarded the bus from Kazhakuttom. They played beautiful songs
Aathamaavil mutti vilichathu pole..’
Olichirikkan Vallikudil..’
and few other nostalgic melodies. It was so good, especially for a person like me who always board the bus with a heavy heart. The movie this time was ‘Thommanum Makkalum’. I remember watching this movie at some theater in Kochi on the same day when India was playing against Australia in a one day cricket match at a stadium nearby. The movie is a good watch especially while on the move. The dinner was at a place called Ootupura at Haripad. The waiters were running around to fetch orders and the food was tasty too.
Sofiya then went on non-stop, to reach Bangalore on the dot which was promised. I got down at Silk Board when it was 6 AM. Did I say, PERFECT !!
Thank you Sofiya, for giving me two memorable nights with you. I enjoyed, although you were a bit costly ;-)

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Balachandran V said...

A let down it was, realizing Sofiya was just a bus! I had visions of a ravishing beauty- a woman, not an air-conditioned bus! :)